A Different Kind of Letting Service...

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Our Fees

To find prospective tenants, undertake viewings, prepare and sign tenancy agreement.

Payment is equal to half a month’s rent, which is normally paid from the months rent in advance, paid by the tenant.

For the continuous management of your property a fee of 12.5% is standard, however, this can be negotiable dependant upon number of properties and intensity of the management requirements.

Any repairs or work to be carried out will be done with the permission of the owner of the property. However, if the security of the property or its occupants is at risk, or if health and safety statutory notices and regulations demand action and contact cannot be made, it is agreed that up to £200 may be used if considered essential by Priority Housing.

Organisation of repairs, Gas Safety Certificates, consultations and eviction procedures will be carried out with an hourly rate of £20

For variations and/or additions to the agreement of terms and conditions, there is a charge of £20 per hour.

Administration Fee (payable by Tenant) – £100
Let Only Fee (dependant on number of properties)
Partial Management (dependant upon services required)
Management Fee – 12% per month